Mid-Illinois Bodybuilding and Figure Championship


 Welcome to the home of the Mid-Illinois Championship.

The Mid-Illinois Bodybuilding and Figure Championship has a historic background with its roots in the heart of Illinois. From its start, the show's promoter brought the passion and love for competition along knowledge of what competitors and spectators needed at competitions to have a fun, competitve, and smooth running event. It was these values that brings everyone in attendance a top national level show feel at the novice level.

When The Mid-Illinois began in 1991, it immediately hit the national spotlight as a well run and organzied event. The Mid-Illinois has evolved into the nation's largest novice competition, drawing over 100 competitors from throughout the Midwest. With tough competition, in front of sellout crowds of over 1000 spectators. The Mid-Illinois is also known for its unique, handmade trophys and its outstanding lineup of top bodybuilders from throughout the world, including past Mr. and Ms. Olympias, brought in for guest posing.

From its prominent position in the national bodybuilding spotlight, the Mid-Illinois is well known as a spring board for competitors who go on to win state, regional, and national titles; like IFBB Professional Art Atwood. Art himself states, "It was the Mid-Illinois that propelled me into the national and professional ranks."

The Mid-Illinois had evolved and expanded to remain at the top of the ever changing world of bodybuilding and fitness. Adding divisions of Over 50, Fitness, Figure, and Teens. The show continues to evolve, staying at the forefront of bodybuilding and fitness. This commitment to the bodybuilding and fitness community is one of the many reasons why the Mid-Illinois is known as the best novice competion in the United States.